Photo: L. Turton

Photo: L. Turton

YANTRA is the unusual project of three singers from very different backgrounds, united by their passion of unaccompanied human voice. Born from an experimental session for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction in 2009, YANTRA’s vocal focal point is the intersection of seemingly incompatible and incomparable singing traditions. Combining the purity of a cappella with modern multi-tracking recording techniques, their rich vocal fusion explores the spiritual and folkloric music from the traditional and ancient musical heritage of Bulgaria, India and England.

YANTRA were special guests on BBC Radio 3′s Late Junction with Verity Sharp in May 2009 and The Choir with Aled Jones in October 2012.

“Very frisky collaboration for Late Junction! Excellent.” Orlando Gough, composer

“I was listening to The Choir on R3 on Sunday and nearly drove into a ditch because I was so excited and mesmerised by your sound. I LOVE IT!” Julia Draper, writer

Yantra: A Journey Through Timelessness