YANTRA’s The Bagpiper gets two awards at the B-Side Project Remix Awards 2018!

We are proud to announce that our song The Bagpiper won two of the B-Side Project Remix Awards 2018 – out of over 600 participants from 60 countries! Thank you to the fantastic jury and to our great remixer NUC!

Most Innovative Remix:
NUC (Malaysia) for remix of “The Bagpiper” by YANTRA

Top 9 Remixes (included on album release): Presented by Estelle Rubio Music, Nick Watson and Jez Willis from Utah Saints
PI$MAN DJ (Bulgaria) remix of “What Love It All About” by SAMA (Norway)
LEE HUNDY (Australia) remix of “Take It Down” by Starling (UK)
NUC (Malaysia) remix of “The Bagpiper” by YANTRA (UK)
FRED HANSON (Germany) remix of “Take Me Away” by Project7 (UK)
TOTO (Argentina) remix of “Exit Through The Funfair” by A Light Left On (UK)
SESENTO (Switzerland) remix of “Put It Down On Me” by Tinah (Canada)
SOULSTATE (UK) remix of “One Of These Days” by Chemikal Recipe (UK)
LIUDPRAND (UK) remix of “Summer Sweets” by Jasmine Bailey (USA)
SIXDEC (UK) remix of “Tell Me Do You Love It” by Kit Walker (UK)